Interview: Self-Care IRL with Rebecca Wachtel— Hollywood Makeup Artist, Meditation Practitioner, and my Self-Care Guru


Frances Isles

I first met Rebecca in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, when I was an aspiring actress and renting a room from our mutual friend, the actress Jewel Staite. The concept of self-care and the practice of meditation was as foreign to me as Mars. I didn’t even know how to do my own makeup, let alone consider my self-worth. Rebecca introduced me to the glory of Korean spas, took me to her local meditation group so I could get my own dose of clarity, and in an act of pure love that I will never forget, taught me how to do my own makeup like the professional, grown-up woman that I wanted to be.

Rebecca & I, Halloween 2012

Rebecca & I, Halloween 2012

Rebecca has been working in Hollywood for over 20 years, creating looks and painting faces for the best and brightest in town. She most recently completed a 7-season stint doing makeup for the likes of Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell on the hit show Pretty Little Liars, and is currently working on an exciting  *top secret* project for Apple TV.

Rebecca on set of   Pretty Little Liars   with  Troian Bellisario

Rebecca on set of Pretty Little Liars with Troian Bellisario

Here, I ask her a few questions about her personal self-care routine.

What inspired you to practice meditation?

I always felt there was something deeper...a connection with self and the world around us. Even though meditation seems like a solo act, I feel that it puts you in better touch with yourself, and from there, you connect with others more truly and deeply.

Finding her bliss on a meditation retreat in Burma

Finding her bliss on a meditation retreat in Burma

What are your favorite self-care practices?

Rest and relaxation are a big part of self-care for me. If possible, I try to take some time-- 30 minutes twice a week-- to do facial masks at home. Yoga is also a great de-stressor for me, and helps to take care of the body and mind.

Can you walk us through clean beauty and non-toxic skincare as it relates to being a Hollywood Makeup artist?

Clean Your Skin! Makeup remover wipes are not enough! A good skin care routine that becomes habit is important. There are several great organic and natural brands out there-- it's really about finding what works best for you. My skin is sensitive. I have found Mychelle and Derma E to not irritate it or make it break out. Some trial and error may be in order until you find what works for you. And keep in mind, your skin may require more moisture or less depending on the season you’re in.

What’s your personal makeup routine?

I don't have much of a daily routine-- it's pretty basic. Some tinted moisturizer, concealer, and filling in my brows, and mascara. Oh-- and a nice lip always finishes off a look and brightens a face. Usually, I use my lip color as my cheek too. Just dab a little onto the apple of the cheek, and blend! Can be a nice touch on the eyelid as well!

For more Rebecca in your life, follow her on Instagram: @rebeccamakeup

On the self-care vacation of our dreams in Maui, 2014

On the self-care vacation of our dreams in Maui, 2014