Frances Isles, Founder of M A R I 

Frances Isles, Founder of M A R I 

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The shift from being a 20something to 30something-year-old woman seemed slow and gradual for me....until one day, about a year ago, I realized most of my closest girlfriends were either pregnant, postpartum, or in full-on new mom mode.

The difference in my treasured relationships was sudden and real. Cocktail hour with gal pals became a distant memory. Late-night Friday bar-hopping and languid Saturday afternoon window-shopping gave way to baby showers, 1st birthday parties, and picnics in the park. With this shift in lifestyle came a newfound awareness of what my girlfriends were going through and how their lives were changing.

Each time I received the happy news (“We’re expecting!”) I cherished their announcements while wondering, how can I celebrate this time with them? How can I show them, in a small way, how happy I am for them? Yes, there’s the baby registry, and all the cute little things to ooh and aww over for the baby…but what about the Mom? She needs to be ooh’d and aww’d over, too!  

After a dear friend in Brooklyn, NY gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, I scoured the internet for a meaningful, thoughtful gift to send, but nothing seemed to truly honor the transitional space she was in. It was through this personal epiphany that M A R I  came into being.


A new mom should celebrate the strong and beautiful woman she is without losing herself in the process. I wanted to give a gift that supported the link between self-care and care for a baby: a new mom must take care of herself in mind, body, and spirit in order to raise a healthy child. It means taking time for self-care, and that what she puts on her body should be as nourishing as a fresh, organic, and nutrient-dense meal. is a place for well-meaning loved ones to find the right, affordable gift that’s non-toxic, natural, organic whenever possible, and fits in with a wellness-oriented lifestyle. It’s a place for new moms to find a self-care gift for themselves they can feel good about using. 

At  M A R I  we celebrate mindful living: clean, green, and engaged in the effort to preserve the environment and foster our health with non-toxic, eco-friendly choices.